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Handling Device Envy During the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season and many are likely to receive a new device during the holidays; whether it is a new smart phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer that could be beneficial for your business needs.

Whether you are buying that device yourself, through your company, or receiving it as a gift; here is a checklist that can help you save money and make better choices:

Does It Need To Be Purchased Now?
Many technology companies reduce their inventories in January and with the incredible speed of innovation these days, the next generation of devices will be released in 3 months.  Both of these factors will likely reduce the cost of the device you have had your eye on for months.  

What Are Your Requirements?
Ask yourself what you will be using this device for over the foreseeable future (at least 18 months.)

For example, I use my smart phone to update client website content, send email campaigns, manage social media, as well as ensure that I have any necessary documentation with me at all times and can readily text someone a link to schedule time with me.  Whether I use a tablet or laptop; it has to have enough power to do everything I do on my desktop including those memory-hogs of all time Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite.  For me, a device without a swipe keyboard and with insufficient memory would make me less effective and efficient with my time, which takes away from serving my clients and having work-life balance.

What Are Your Wants vs. Needs?
We all enjoy the “bright and shiny” features that come with any device; however, I would challenge you to match the benefits and functionality with your personal and business needs as first priority.  For example:
  • Do you need the front and back facing camera and for what purpose?
  • Is that purpose a revenue generating activity or even a dependency to doing what you do more effectively? 
  • Will the touchscreen get you there faster or is it just cool?
  • Do you share a lot of information that would justify having “near field communication” capability by tapping devices or would a free cloud app serve your needs just as well?
Change The Form Of Your Gift
If a particular device would be the perfect item to help you be more successful in 2016, consider letting your family and friends know that a gift card would better help you towards that goal.

Here’s To Your Continued Marketing Success And Making 2016 The Best Year Yet!

A marketing automation professional and guru with over 20 years of experience in target and online marketing, project management, and marketing operations; Kathy Swanson leads the Integrated Marketing Werx team to realize her passion of providing the right strategies, techniques, technology, and expertise for our clients’ ongoing marketing success. 

Posted by Kathy Swanson, Integrated Marketing Werx on 20th December, 2015 | Comments | Trackbacks
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