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Removing Marketing Resource Waste

This is not a call from the EPA; however, you can imagine (or know personally) the toxic effects that waste in your marketing processes can have on your resources, people, and business growth.

Here are a few that we help marketing teams and agencies overcome every day:

Not Letting Buyers Buy From You
This one tends to be the biggest barrier to effective business growth and use of resources (think: Return On Investment.)  The processes that are in place are broken and in many cases easy to see by others who are not as close to the problem. 

Unfortunately, those people are either decision makers within your company (oops!) or people who would be buying from you if you made it hassle-free and simple to do so.

Buying behavior is a chain of predictable events, a series of interactions over time that produces specific (ideally profitable) results.  If your process is not optimized, people leave the system or buy from you in a way that is less beneficial for the both of you; resulting in wasted time, money, and resources.

Inconsistent Branding
What do your clients and customers see when they experience your company or organization?  Do they experience a consistent message, presence, and even mission when talking with your sales people, buying your products or services online or offline, or consuming your information? 

When people experience inconsistent branding, they have a disconnect that they have to cognitively address.  In fact, this disconnect happens on a neurological level in the reptilian and mammalian parts of the brain, which means that rational thought may not have the opportunity to intercede.

By providing your ideal consumers a consistent view of your business – no matter how complex it may be – you allow them a better chance to smoothly go through the decision making process without going into “flight or fight” mode.  Not only do you get to keep their attention, they go through the sales process faster.

Lack of Marketing Automation
How many times does a member of your marketing team, sales, and/or administrative staff have to touch a communication from your prospect or customer in order to provide a response?  A classic example is the online form that happens to have been filled out by your ideal prospect whose information is stuck in an email in someone’s email box, may be copied and pasted into some sort of database, is eventually looked at critically to determine the best way to nurture the potential customer and, worst case, is never used. 

This self-selected group of people who have taken the time to provide you any information are interested in possibly doing business or continuing to do business with you.  And in this digital world, they are more likely to do business when they receive a timely response.

Marketing automation such as segmented trigger responses and integrated database systems not only dramatically eliminate resource intensive processes so that your team can better concentrate on more value-added initiatives.  It also allows you to collapse the sales process timeline significantly and even use target marketing techniques to provide the right communications to the right people at the right time, based upon the interests and needs your recipient has already given to your business.

What are your top marketing waste areas?

A marketing automation professional and guru with over 20 years of experience in target and online marketing, project management, and marketing operations; Kathy Swanson leads the Integrated Marketing Werx team to realize her passion of providing the right strategies, techniques, technology, and expertise for our clients’ marketing teams’ ongoing success.

Posted by Kathy Swanson, Integrated Marketing Werx on 15th January, 2016 | Comments | Trackbacks
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