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Online Marketing Myth #1: “Brochure-Ware” Is Less Expensive For My Business Than Integrated Website Systems

We hope you have enjoyed this series of online marketing myths that are still prevalent throughout business.

And now for my favorite:

Myth #1: “Brochure-Ware” Is Less Expensive For My Business Than Integrated Website Systems

This one reminds me of the waste of effort so many “transactional” sales people fall into vs. their counterparts who understand the value of service, time, total cost/return of their efforts, and relationships which results in them becoming top producers.

It all comes down to time, money, and resources.  “Brochure-ware” websites are essentially a set of online print flyers.  In many cases businesses spend good money as well as their time and resources for these sites and their upkeep, which in most cases do not utilize core elements of effective marketing. Worst case are those, which all of us have seen, such as mid-tier companies who do not have any call-to-action or contact information.

For those companies that piece-meal on widgets to be able to use forms, accept purchases, or use separate email systems, we start encountering additional time and resource costs. 
  • Who is going to keep up with the form emails and copy and paste the information into Excel, SalesForce, or whatever is acting as your separate database system so that actions can be taken?  
  • How do you know what happens after someone clicks through on an email and how that action translates into actual revenue or do you just do without? 
  • What does it take to manually follow-up with that prospect or customer in order to get them closer to their first of next purchase?
And these are just standard activities that anyone with an online system has to address before they even think about supporting a growing company.

Having a system that only the web developer or IT department can keep fresh or having to hire someone who knows how to code in HTML (and likely has no understanding of marketing) results in additional business risks; especially when such resources have limited availability.

Then there is lost opportunity.  When it takes days or even weeks for someone to respond to your prospective clients or customers because your online/offline process is broken; your competition just received a "gift" from your delay that threatens the long-term viability of your company or organization.

Fortunately, the availability of affordable integrated online platforms has been emerging over the last several years.  These systems are database-driven with integrated functionality that allow the business to not only attract ideal visitors; when well designed to the business’ target market, they can allow marketers to create a series of actions and responses (we call a “dialog”) between the visitor and business that result in higher likelihood of purchase and consumption behavior over time (we call a “relationship”.) 

If you really like your website, there are now marketing automation, sales, and ecommerce platforms that are "website agnostic", using simple embed codes to integrate with your current website platform and make it sing!

The beauty is that advances in technology have helped bring the costs down so that more and more growing small and mid-tier companies can compete with Fortune 500 companies using these types of systems.  In addition to creating a better customer experience, there are significant time and resource savings for your team; allowing them to work on the really important marketing initiatives.

After over 20 years of helping growing companies implement and use the right marketing technologies and strategies to fit their business and helping them work with what they have right now so they can migrate to better solutions, I have seen an amazing spectrum of myths and challenges – majority of which can be overcome.  I hope you enjoyed these insights and that they help you make better decisions for your business or organization.

What are your favorite myths? 
Feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

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A marketing automation professional and guru with over 20 years of experience in target and online marketing, project management, and marketing operations; Kathy Swanson leads the Integrated Marketing Werx team to realize her passion of providing the right strategies, techniques, technology, and expertise for our clients’ marketing teams’ ongoing success.

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