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Want to take your online marketing game to the next level?

Be prepared -- get your Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report BEFORE you invest the time, money, and resources
  • Identify what is working and what is holding people back from finding you and buying from you online
  • Get a realistic look at what strategies and techniques would work for your business (let alone your budget)
  • Explore viable next steps to use today's digital tools and automate your online marketing
  • Find out if you can do-it-yourself, who you need to hire, or if outside help makes sense for the kinds of returns you want on your investment
Find out what else you get...

At this point in your business, it is time to reboot your marketing efforts and get the information you need to make the right decisions
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | Integrated Marketing Werx

Who You Are...

"I need to reboot my marketing and want to grow
while seeing more tangible results on my online marketing investment"

You are an entrepreneurial-minded business owner who provides high value services locally and is known for your company's quality and customer service.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You deliver Value

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You have a Vision

You have been doing this for a while and have an amazing vision for your company.

You and your dedicated team are super passionate about what you do and how you serve your customers -- it's a cultural thing.

Your business has the capacity to grow without having to spend on additional overhead.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want to Grow

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want to Match

With such a well-oiled machine, it frustrates you that after riding the economic storm, it is harder to keep up with this thing called digital marketing. 

In fact, it would be great if your online communications and marketing processes worked as well as the rest of your company -- and treated people the same way your team does.

It's not your team's fault, they are incredible -- it is just hard to find the right people who can easily understand the business, identify who are your ideal buyers, and how to best reach them in a high touch - high tech way (without having to hire multiple 6-figure employees.)
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want your Team

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want an Expert

At the same time, you don't know what you don't know.  Digital marketing is changing so fast and it is hard to say where you would get the best results. 

Okay, let's just say it -- you're sceptical and may have been "burned" after hiring a traditional advertising agency or web developer to help you.

You want to be able to see results, bring in business, and be confident you are serving your customers well; rather than losing them without even knowing it.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want Results

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want to feel Confident

You are also not confident with the consistency, relevancy, or accuracy on how you communicate with each type of person trying to find you and as they continue to be your customer; yet, you know you have information and services they need.

It would be refreshing to have the majority of your customers be ones that truly see the value of what your company provides.  Yet, there does not seem to be a way to identify them, manage and nurture those relationships.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want to Manage

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want ROI

You want to use the right combination of strategies, techniques, technologies, and expertise to make the most of your investment and would like a game plan and campaigns that are unique to your business while being flexible enough to address changing opportunities and challenges.

You yearn for simplicity and the ability to easily know what is going on and how it is working (and what needs to be improved.) 

You love systems, tangible processes and results as well as effective, purposeful meetings that result in clear goals and objectives, priorities, actions, and timelines.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want Systems

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want your Time Back

You have better things to do than work on your online marketing and keeping up with all of the details. 

You and your team don't mind being the experts -- you would rather be interviewed than write -- and being able to quickly review and approve projects frees up your time for the rest of your business and your life.

You don't want an order-taker -- you want someone who understands business, thinks critically, is up on the latest online practices (and whether they work.) 

You need someone who is your translater, guide, and implementor through the jungle of digital marketing and marketing automation terms and processes such as SEO, click-thrus, conversion rates, lead generation, opt-in forms, click funnels, list building, etc.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You want a "go-to" Guide

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You can't Ignore

You know if you keep on doing your online marketing the same way you did it 5 or even 10 years ago, you will be left behind and your competition will take your place. 

You and your team will continue to be frustrated and feel like you are in reactive rather than proactive mode; not seeing the gaps get bigger or the results necessary to grow.

You need to "reboot" your marketing efforts -- creating the focus, goals, processes, and results that make you money while you sleep and help you sleep at night.
Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | You need a Reboot

What You Need Right Now...
Your primary focus needs to be putting into place the systems and processes that identify your ideal customers and make it easy for them to find you, make decisions quickly, and buy from you.

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | Integrated Marketing Werx
So, let's get started!
Get your Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report to find out where you are now and what you need to do to meet your online marketing goals.

Here's What You Get...

  • Preparation - you fill out 2 quick diagnostic surveys (less than 30 minutes) in preparation for our virtual meeting
  • Discovery - 1.5 hour video conference or phone call with you and your team to get real with what is working and what is not
  • Assessment - we review your current online marketing "assets", from websites to social media and emails to apps
  • Diagnosis - we do a gap analysis between what you have and what you want from your online marketing
  • Recommendations - 1.5 hour video conference or phone call to share the results and recommendations on how to move forward
  • Report - no-obligation written report with recommendations that you can use to do-it-yourself, have us provide our do-with-you / do-for-you services, or have another firm implement

BONUS: Recordings of Discovery and Recommendations meetings emailed to you along with the report

Need us to take a behind-the-scenes look at your marketing automation?
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Kathy Swanson | Integrated Marketing Werx | Founder, Leader, Speaker, Author

Your Guide...

"At Integrated Marketing Werx, we believe that entrepreneurial-minded business owners are the source of great innovation and thriving economies.

Because of this, we believe that removing the real and perceived barriers to success allows businesses the ability to grow and serve more buyers as well as their employees and communities.

I just happen to be an online marketing automation expert and I get to help make it easier for people buy from companies.

By informing, designing, and implementing the strategies, techniques, and tools that make digital marketing work for businesses, we help companies realize their potential -- creating economic abundance and changing lives for good in the world.

Recently, I became a best selling author with my new book "Automation Works: Turning Your Marketing from a Money-Pit into a Money-Making MACHINE!" which is available on Amazon, Kindle, and at It's a "why-to" book that cuts through all of the marketing jargon to simply share with businesses and entrepreneurs what makes marketing automation work from a business perspective.

From leadership through execution, I believe that having the right tools for the right job are essential for effective decision making, problem solving, and making it happen.  How can we help?”
Kathy Swanson | Integrated Marketing Werx | Founder, Leader, Speaker, Author

Kathy Swanson, MBA
Founder and President
Integrated Marketing Werx

What if I'm not sure how online marketing can help my business grow?  Then this is perfect for you.  Approaching your online marketing with "top-down" thinking and understanding how growth would benefit your business -- before you start making decisions -- is the best way to save yourself many thousands of dollars and many hours of fruitless labor.

What if I already have online marketing systems that are growing my business?  Excellent!  Getting a expert review of what is working, what could be refined, and what you might not know exists will help you hone your efforts, sharpen your decision making and improve your ability to grow revenue quickly.

What if we are just starting out?  You are in a great position to get the information you need to make better online marketing choices from the very beginning and we would love to help you too.

Is this just for service-based companies?  Actually, any company that is known for it's quality and customer service can benefit from having a better online marketing presence that attracts and nurtures their relationships with customers, buyers, influencers, vendors, and even employees.

Will I get overwhelmed with the tech stuff?  No. We speak the language of business and translate all of the techie and marketing jargon into your language so it is easy to make decisions about what you want to accomplish.

Do we have to work with you to implement the recommendations?  Absolutely not -- our recommendations are geared so you can choose to do them yourself, hire employees to do them for you, or pay for outside help.  If we are a good fit, you can choose from our selection of do-with-you and do-for-you services.  So, no obligation -- just the information you need to make better decisions to move forward with your online marketing.

Who needs to be at the virtual meetings?  It's best to have whomever knows about the company's vision and what your company is trying to accomplish in the "room" as well as whomever knows what is going on with your marketing (both online and offline).

If they are "calling in" from different locations, no worries; we have the technology to make it easy for everyone who needs to be there to participate.

Is it going to take a lot of my time?  No. We know you have better things to be doing and so we quickly get the information we need through our collaborative interviewing techniques and diagnostic surveys.  We do the additional research and utilize our expertise to bring you concise, specific recommendations that you can take action on.

We are really busy right now -- I'm not sure that now is the right time to do this.  You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't ready. As someone once said to me, "If not now - when? If not you - who?" You don't have to let your present excuses deny you of your future successes.

That said, this process is designed to allow you to quickly fill the gaps so you can make better decisions around your online marketing.  You choose when to implement the recommendations -- whether in stages or quickly dependent upon your business needs.

I have bought other consulting services before -- how is this different? Most other programs offer "cookie-cutter systems", which is great if you want a cookie-cutter business.  Our intention is to understand what makes your company unique and how online marketing may (or may not) best serve what it takes to grow your company.

Marketing Reboot Diagnostic Report | Integrated Marketing Werx