Marketing Solutions To Fit Your Business

You have the Vision necessary to Grow your Business...
... it's time to bring in more Know-How and Tools

At Integrated Marketing Werx
We have a proven track record with clients and agencies of increasing marketing effectiveness and profits by improving processes, streamlining operations, and targeting efforts to attract, retain, and strengthen customer, client, and constituent relationships while meeting business goals.

With global, Fortune 500, and mid-market expertise, our experts work with growth, results-oriented client and agency teams to develop and implement marketing programs that effectively improve marketing performance and deliver more profitable returns for your marketing efforts and spend.

Bottom Line:
We help your team stop wasting marketing dollars and start focusing on your ideal customer relationships for improved return on your marketing investments.

How Can We Help Your Corporation?

How Can We Help Your Agency?

At Integrated Marketing Werx, we know that at the end of the day, results are what really matter to your business.

It is our mission is to make your business more profitable. How? By maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

"You are a decision-maker with a value-based, results-oriented business and every decision should move you closer to realizing your vision and goals."
Do you:

  • Have a marketing project that would provide benefit to your company, but which just doesn’t seem to get off the ground?

  • Need help improving your marketing processes so you can focus your efforts and spend more wisely?

  • Need additional expertise to help your team get there faster and meet goals?

  • Want to streamline global and/or domestic marketing processes and operations?

  • Need effective ways to market to your customers online?

  • Want solutions that entail sophisticated processes and “know-how” that are not easy to find or attract to your area?

  • Know what you would like to do, but don’t have the team experience or time to gain the experience to make it happen?

  • Have an integral marketing professional going out on maternity / paternity leave or who has just left your organization?

  • Find the need for more focus to effectively execute your marketing plan?

  • Tired of trying initiatives that just don’t bring in sales?

  • Want to increase the profitability of your marketing efforts?

If so, Integrated Marketing Werx can help you achieve your vision … on target, on time, and within budget.