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Truly effective marketing involves getting the
right message .... to the right people .... at the right time over time

The type of marketing that transforms a Need into
qualified Interest into Action and ultimately into SALES

We can work with your team’s existing marketing tools, assist you in choosing tools that better fit your business goals and objectives, and even implement those tools in your environment.  We can even provide integrated online communication platforms to assist your target marketing and eCommerce efforts.

To build and strengthen profitable customer relationships, we use:

Proven marketing strategies
customized for your business and online needs

Proactive, personalized contact
with your customers and prospects

Consistent messages
that reflect your brand and strengthen your relationships

Relevent, measurable interaction
based upon your customers’ interests and characteristics

Integrated systems
that “talk” with all of your online tools

Methodologies that expand your reach
without having to “pay-per-click”

The latest technology
from online event registration
and purchase capabilities
to blogs, pod-casts, online video,
and SMS text messages

Techniques that measure results
and improve your marketing efforts

Tools that integrate with your existing website
or we can build you a new site!

Solutions that are affordable, flexible, easy-to-use
and that are as innovative as you are

Can you imagine the things that you’d do—that you can’t do now—with the power of these web marketing tools?

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Sophisticated web marketing tools…

with Data360 at the core allowing you to personalize, connect and obtain actionable RESULTS







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