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"At Integrated Marketing Werx, we believe that marketing teams and agencies benefit from the right tools and online expertise to profitably grow their business."

Kathy Swanson, MBA

Founder and President, Integrated Marketing Werx

“What if it was easier
for people to buy?”

As Founder, Owner, and President of Integrated Marketing Werx, I have continuously asked that question since the mid-90’s when I migrated from my academic psychology degree and clinical psychology work to the world of business.  Since then, I have been captivated by the world of behavioral economics, incentive systems, and decision making as well as buying processes.

As an on-demand online marketing automation expert, I get to work with established businesses and agencies and their growth-oriented teams to remove barriers and establish processes that make it easier for people to buy and consume products, services, and information.

With my social skills and the ability to think critically, you will find that I am comfortable creating effective marketing strategies and processes, collaborating and leading teams, as well as working with a wide variety of marketing automation software technologies -- integrating customer relationship management systems, websites, social media and more to make it easier for people to buy from my clients' companies.

Recently, I became a best selling author with my new book "Automation Works: Turning Your Marketing from a Money-Pit into a Money-Making MACHINE!" which is available on Amazon, Kindle, and at mktgwerx.com. It's a "why-to" book that cuts through all of the marketing jargon to simply share with businesses and entrepreneurs what makes marketing automation work from a business perspective.

Established in 2004, Integrated Marketing Werx provides second opinions and consulting as well as project-based work to help fill in the gaps, delivering do-with-you and do-for-you services, and more on a project, contract, or retainer basis.

With a proven track record and over 20 years of marketing experience that includes global, Fortune 500, mid-market, and small business marketing, agency and business experience; I also mentor emerging businesses through organizations like Geekdom, UTSA, and LiftFund.

I hold an M.B.A. in Executive Decision Making, am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.  I have also been a finalist in the Innovator category recognized by the San Antonio chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners at their 2014 and 2015 Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards.

A servant leader in my community involved in such things as Rotary, NAWBO, and Toastmasters, as well as Communications Committee service for the San Antonio Food Bank and judging FIRST Robotics Competitions, you will find that being inquisitive, innovative, (and an instigator) is the way I roll. 

In fact my core strengths are Ideation, Self-Assurance, Strategic, Relator, and Maximizer with Individualization, Adaptability, Activator, Focus, Achiever, Arranger, Communication, Analytical, and Positivity being my overtones.

Making the complex simple and driving solutions is what I do every day. At the same time, I enjoy “instigating” thought leadership in a welcoming, collaborative, and mutually beneficial way.

It is fun to help people make money while they sleep -- getting more out of their online marketing technologies and streamlining their processes.

Want to know more?  Contact me at 800.946.2643, 210.802.2280 or by email.
Integrated Marketing Werx | Kathy Swanson

"Kathy brings a passion and dedication to the operations of the client that truly reflects in the results. She has a full understanding and awareness of how to 'up-level' the work and absolutely deliver on the goals and objectives of the business. Additionally she is a tyrant about loose ends. She won't let just good enough be the delivered product. She is always striving for best in class delivery and is an amazing asset to any team she works on."
 – Todd Ruff, North American Marketing Operations Director, Young & Rubicam Brands

“Most people are either analytical thinkers or big picture dreamers; Kathy is a rare blend of both… she’s as comfortable evaluating metrics on a spreadsheet as she is brainstorming fresh, creative ideas.”  
– Susan Sheffloe Speer, Communications Consultant

"Kathy is a machine: fast, efficient and effective. She brings an incredible enthusiasm and energy to her work that leaves her colleagues gobsmacked in stunned awe. Kathy is a maestro. In my entire professional life, I don't think I've met anyone with the drive that Kathy has. If she doesn't know something, she makes it her mission to not just learn it but master it. She gets totally across every project she tackles and has the uncanny ability to zoom between the 30,000ft view and the microscopic detail. And Kathy is a motivator, with an innate 'cat herding' ability to keep all the diverse members of her team on track, on brief and on budget. Kathy is a gem.” 

– John Lambie, Interactive Creative Director, Enfatico! A Young & Rubicam company  

“We hired Kathy to manage key programs at Bank of America. Her results were outstanding!
– Scott Mairs, Managing Director, Robbins-Gioia  

“Kathy was a great partner in our efforts to Globalize Dell's Consumer business. She managed projects and details to a level you would not expect. Her analytical skills and ability to foresee the impact of client decisions across the work streams was invaluable. I would recommend Kathy to anyone needing a dedicated, intelligent person to help manage extremely complex project management processes. She'll be a very strong asset to your team.”
– Tim Hahn, Global Account Director, Y&R Brands
Infusionsoft Certified Partner | Integrated Marketing Werx

Business Heroes by Infusionsoft | Chapter Leader

Integrated Marketing Werx | Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
Integrated Marketing Werx | Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

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“From leadership through execution, I believe that having the right tools for the right job are essential for effective decision making, problem solving, and making it happen”

Kathy Swanson, MBA
Founder and President
Integrated Marketing Werx
Automation Works | Book by Kathy Swanson | Integrated Marketing Werx