What is Your Biggest
Online Marketing Concern?

Is your business dealing with
a burning online marketing issue?
Like many of our clients, you probably know that once resolved, your online marketing PROBLEM could become an OPPORTUNITY -- resulting in more revenue for your business, saving you a lot of time, money, resources, and even eliminate hassle.

Why talk with Kathy?
As a problem solver with a deep understanding of marketing, technology, business, and what makes it easier for people to buy from businesses (especially online); Kathy Swanson helps you remove barriers and create solutions for your business by working with you to:

Get Unstuck
and resolve those burning questions

Identify Barriers
that are standing in the way of your success

Prioritize Actions
you can take to solve your problems

Move Forward
accelerating your ability to put your

Your Business Is Important
Do you want to solve that online marketing problem that keeps you up at night?

If the answer is yes,
then schedule a Solution Session with Kathy Swanson
to get her help in identifying and prioritizing your viable next steps.

Which Solution Session package works best for you?

Solution Sessions Packages

$ 247

45-minute session

Call Recording

Basic +Plus

$ 547

3x 45-minute sessions

Call Recordings

Call Summaries


$ 347

90-minute session

Call Recording

Deluxe +Plus

$ 997

3x 90-minute sessions

Call Recordings

Call Summaries

Kathy's Solution Sessions fill up fast, so be sure to fill out the form above and book yours today!

Which ever package works best for you, know that each session is valued at over $500.