How It Works

At Integrated Marketing Werx, we utilize proven techniques to understand what drives your business, identify and understand your markets, then target communications to customers who want and need your unique products and services; maximizing your sales revenue and the profitability of each marketing program.

Through our innovative, integrated approach, we collaborate with your experts and provide you “just in time” resources to develop marketing initiatives that are on target, on time, and within budget.  Key benefits of our approach include:

  • Actionable plans that align with your business and your budget

  • Rapid planning and execution of programs

  • Mitigation of risks and elimination of barriers through experienced project management

To do this, you can rely on our in-depth experience, collaborative approach, and follow-thru to:

  • Define your vision, goals, and objectives

  • Assist you in focusing your efforts and decisions towards quantitative outcomes

  • Execute and analyze your programs

  • Transform your marketing needs into profitable results to help you create a sustainable competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving and fast-paced marketplace.

To achieve your goals, our process is to quickly understand your business so that you can concentrate on achieving your other business objectives. 

Our customized services are professional quality, delivered with a personal touch at sensible rates to meet your distinctive business needs.

A typical project involves the following steps:

  • Initial consultation

  • Recommendations, Scope, and Quote

  • Approval and Acceptance

  • Discovery and Concept

  • Design and Timeline

  • Development

  • Testing and Acceptance

  • Implementation

  • Control and Continuous Improvement

  • Tracking, Analysis, and Results

“You know your business… You know your goals… You know where you want to be… We can get you there faster"

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