Integrated Marketing Werx | Automation Werx System | Packages

Integrated Marketing Werx | Automation Werx System | Packages

Integrated Marketing Werx | Automation Werx System | Packages

Integrated Marketing Werx | Automation Werx System | Packages

Are You Ready for the
Automation Werx System™?
If you are an entrepreneur struggling with making marketing automation work for your business, then our Automation Werx System™ is for you!

Integrated Marketing Werx | Automation Werx System | Packages

Strategic Vision & Planning
Project Management
Program Execution

Marketing Automation
Online Target Marketing
Campaign Management
Integrated Website Systems
eCommerce Solutions
eMail Marketing
Social Media
Mobile Marketing
GeoLocal Marketing

Marketing Operations
Account Services
Vendor Management

Direct & Database Marketing
Business Intelligence
Marketing Analytics
Profitability Measurement
Pricing and Budgeting
Data Mining
Behavioral Modeling

And More!

Our Experts Work With Your Team
to strategize, develop, implement, optimize, and maintain your
unique marketing initiatives, automation, and technologies
for a better return on your business' marketing dollar

Marketing and Contact Strategies
We focus on your unique business needs so that your marketing and contact strategies make effective use of online best practices and your web marketing tools.

Campaign and Project Management
We proactively target and contact your customers, clients, constituents, prospects, and influencers to attract, nurture, and strengthen your ideal relationships. Using personalized messages as well as relevant content, offers, and information; your company gains measurable results.

Promote, Update, and Connect
We support your company or organization by publishing your approved content online: on your site, through your blog and emails, and through your social media outlets.

Online Promotion
We enhance your online promotional efforts with Google advertising, press releases, online articles, and industry-related placement aimed at increasing relevant inbound links and traffic to your website.

We help you see how people interact with your company online so you can improve your online marketing strategies and positively impact the bottom line.

Marketing Automation and other Technologies
We can work with your team’s existing marketing systems, assist you in choosing tools that better fit your business goals and objectives, and even implement the right marketing technologies in your environment.  We also provide, implement, utilize, and train our clients on easy to use integrated online communications platforms that are affordable, search engine and mobile optimized; as well as professionally designed for your brand and online target marketing strategies.

We provide your team the right marketing expertise for each phase of your business’ growth and revenue goals on a project, contract, or retained basis.
Need a
Second Opinion?

Schedule a 45- or 90-minute
Solution Session
with Kathy Swanson
to help you solve that
online marketing problem
that keeps you up at night

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